I  am  an  artist,  director and writer working  with 3D  animation, VFX  &  narrative  based in London.

I make music videos, illustration and video art with a narrative aspect for exhibition, installation and broadcast.

Over the last few years I have been   commissioned    and    exhibited      internationally      by      clients  including     Warp    Records,    Adult    Swim,     Somerset     House,    Mitsubishi,  Universal    and    Sony.

I   work   with  C4D,   After Effects,  Premiere,   Quartz Composer, Photogrammetry and other tools on a project by project basis.

I    work     as     a    collaborator    &    consultant and   with  artists   who  want  to  expand their technical palette, working  with  3D  and vfx.

Over the past three years, I have been worked extensively at Somerset House Studios with Gaika to develop installation art, music and commercial projects, as well as developing my own projects and working with other artists as projects arise.

If you would like to discuss a project or collaboration, or have any questions about my work please send me a message at  robheppell(@)hotmail.co.uk




Selected Project History


Nazar – Bunker (ft Shannen SP) – (Music Video – Director) (Hyperdub)

Nazar – Retaliation (Trailer for Live AV show) (Hyperdub)


Chris Kaz – Music Videos for Thumper, Flylight, Sacred Word, Album Art for Reprobate  (Music Video – Director / Animator) (Perth Records)

Hannah Diamond – Invisible – (VFX Assistant with Daniel Swan) (PC MUSIC)

Cottweiler SS20 – Fashion Film for Cottweiler / Boiler Room : for Paris Fashion Week (Animator / VFX with Director Daniel Swan) (Boiler Room / Cottweiler)

Get Up Stand Up Now Exhibition sculpture – Collaboration with Gaika – Exhibition at Somerset House, London, May – October. – Animation and physical Sculpture of interactive structure with 12 channels of animation. (Somerset House / Warp Records / Gaika)

Lamborghini Copz – 3 Channel Narrative Video – Collaboration with Gaika for Hyperdub Installation at Corsica Studios – London – March 2019 & 360 Video  (Animation / direction / installation / 360 video) (Hyperdub/ Warp Records / RHVO / Gaika)

Gaika – Seven Churches for St Jude (Music Video – Director) (Warp Records)


Gaika –  Visuals for shows 2018 / 2019 internationally at festivals and performances including the Roundhouse London & MUTEK Montreal  (VJ / Animation)

Gaika – Visuals at Perth Rave I – FOLD London (Large format video screen visuals – incorporating robotic infra-red camera) (VJ / Animation)

Gaika – Visuals at Tola (9 channel visual installation) – (VJ / Animation)

Gaika x Rob Heppell  x Lucinda Chua – GAIKA Plays AKIRA  (45 Minute Performance – Visual Director) (Warp Records / Vooruit) – Commissioned and performed at Vooruit (Ghent, Belgium)

Gaika – Treaties (Moving Image Commission – Director / Animator) (14-18 Now / Roundhouse / Warp Records)


Dark0 – Terra Gang – (Music Video – Director) (Adult Swim)
Sabella – Fortress – (Music Video – Director) (Universal Records)
Mitsubishi – SRK-ZS (Promo – 3D / Animation Director)
Lisa Marini – Summoned by a Foolish Magpie (Music Video – Director)


Crystal Fighters – All Night (Deep Dream Version) (Director / Animator) – (PIAS / Good Egg Productions)
Two Door Cinema Club – Bad Decisions (Animator) (Vimeo Staff Pick) (Warner Music / Good Egg Productions)

Latitude Festival Line Up Promo (Animator / Director) (Festival Republic)
Embassy Romanx – Commissioned by the Government Art Collection (Video Art)
Vanessa White – Live Visuals (Animator / VJ)
Vanessa White – Lipstick Kisses (Music Video)

Vanessa White – Nostalgia (Music Video)
On Fleek (Short Film)
Throwing Shade – Honeytrap (Music Video) (Urban Outfitters / No Pain in Pop)
New Pharaohs – This Changes Everything (Music Video) (Nowness)

Throwing Shade – Blanx (Music Video) (Director/ Animator)
Crystal Fighters – Love Alight (Music Video)(PIAS) (Director / Animator)

Fjokra – Infinite Loops (Music Video)
Cara Sebastian – What If (Music Video)
Cara Sebastian (Live Visuals)
Glitches (Live Visuals)

Lux Aeterna (3D) (Video Art) Commissioned by Jiggling Atoms & Institute of Physics
Schizolog for JAU Label (Fashion Film)
Osian Rhys – Long Time Gone (Music video)
Unicorn Kid- Need U (Graphics for Music Video)
And It Came To Pass Not To Stay (Collaboration with Robert Lippok) – (Video Art)

Towns – Gone are the Days (music video)
Mozart Parties – Black Cloud (Music Video)
Echo Lake – Breathe Deep (Music Video)
Sleep Over – Casual Diamond (Music Video)